Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Progress

Saturday morning looked a "little iffy" in terms of weather at about 6:30 AM so we attacked the fence project at dawn.  Mr. Tim showed up shortly there after and when I took a break at 8:50 we had made really good progress so I snapped a few pictures.   Getting the roses away from the posts so we could unscrew the brackets was the really nasty work.  The panels came off without additional damage.  But we found the white "sleeve" that covers the 4x4 wood posts would not come off.  I had expected them slip off but found they extended down into the concrete.  On Monday morning the park guys will be there to help pull the posts and dig up the soil with their back hoe

As always, many thanks to those of you who came and did so much work. A special thanks to grandkids Aaron and Ashley who moved all of the pavers and all of the many heavy rocks. And to Cathy W who made the breakfast casserole and scones, and to Carol, Tim, Lou, and Cathy C who did much of the other heavy cutting, digging, and raking. Also to Joan, Cathleen, Janet, Loretta, Jean and husband,  

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