Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Update

We spent time in the garden again this morning.  Things look fine for a workday tomorrow at 9:00 AM when we start the process of removing the old fence.  It is not muddy so that won't be a problem.  We will have coffee and something to snack on for those who show up to help.
Main Items to Be Accomplished:
.. Remove fence panels from the posts.
.. Remove the plastic post covers from the 4x4 posts
.. (the 4x4 posts will be removed with county backhoe help on Monday morning the 14th)
.. Stack above for whomever wants them (county won't let them be stored in the park)
.. Remove desired plants in the fence area for replanting in other beds
.. Remove pavers from the two beds along the fence and stack in Storage Shed
.. Remove rocks along rose bed area and stack in Storage Shed
.. Big grasses cut back as does the butterfly vine
.. Butterfly weed plants cut back.
.. Rake and bag leaves and clippings
.. NGC "Bed Owners" may have other things they want to do with their beds

Those planning to help:  bring gloves, trowel,  and clippers.  We will have three rakes and three shovels and tools for fence removal. 

There have been some on-going questions about the old fence disposal.  As published and answered several times in the past several months... the Norchester Garden Club is responsible for fence disposal.  The county does not want it just left there due to vandals and liability for kids messing with it.  So the panels need to be taken away.  Plan now is to have them done Saturday morning, Jan. 12.  The same is true for the posts.  The plan is they will be "pulled" out Monday morning Jan 14. 

At this time it is not yet clear who will pick up the panels or the posts or when.  We have no ability to deliver them anywhere once removed.  I assume the county is willing to haul either or both to the dump if they are not otherwise removed.


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