Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Dirty Work"

A comfortable, albeit overcast, morning today and we tackled the dirt pile as planned.  The county was generous in providing the garden with some great soil mix.  Very easy to work with.  The spreading with the back hoe last week left some low spots and we loaded, dumped, and spread a couple dozen wheelbarrow loads to level it all out.

There is a couple of yards left in the pile so if "your bed" needs some fill... now is the time to do it before the kids spread and compact the remaining soil pile.

I also ran the irrigation system.   It is working fine with one exception.  All beds are coming on and all heads are now working. None are "leaking" as before.   Each zone is set to come on for 6 minutes on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. 

 The exception is that for the string of heads along the rose garden, I think three are buried.  I believe they should be relatively equally spaced along there.   I did find and dig out three in the SW bed that were buried and got them working again, but did not have the energy left to find the three along the roses. 

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