Friday, January 25, 2013

Some thoughts

I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. - Edward Everett Hale, 1822-1909.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Dirty Work"

A comfortable, albeit overcast, morning today and we tackled the dirt pile as planned.  The county was generous in providing the garden with some great soil mix.  Very easy to work with.  The spreading with the back hoe last week left some low spots and we loaded, dumped, and spread a couple dozen wheelbarrow loads to level it all out.

There is a couple of yards left in the pile so if "your bed" needs some fill... now is the time to do it before the kids spread and compact the remaining soil pile.

I also ran the irrigation system.   It is working fine with one exception.  All beds are coming on and all heads are now working. None are "leaking" as before.   Each zone is set to come on for 6 minutes on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. 

 The exception is that for the string of heads along the rose garden, I think three are buried.  I believe they should be relatively equally spaced along there.   I did find and dig out three in the SW bed that were buried and got them working again, but did not have the energy left to find the three along the roses. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Going Up

Another cold morning but new fence posts going up and the fencing sections may be installed next week.  Thanks again to our generous ABCS donor.  Once the new fencing is in, we will put the remaining soil in place. We will post the date here  when we know.  Anyone wanting some shovel, rake, and wheelbarrow exercise will be welcome to join us.
The new area is about 2 feet wider than before.  Some thoughts and recommendations on any new plantings you are considering... the following were removed on Saturday and Carol is nursing them back to health. All will be available:
2 lantana,  1 turks cap, 2 small bushes of unknown origin, 1 or 2 passion vines (not sure on this as there are not any leaves on the stems), 2 cascade rosees.

Carol also has 2 Cherry Barbados that have a fragrant pink flower and berries birds love. These shrubs keep their leaves all year.  The wax myrtle and turks cap remain and will now be inside the fencing.
Please keep in mind that any tall plants (shrubs) need to be planted to the back of the bed near the new fence so as TO NOT BLOCK any sprinklers. Allow for expanding width and height at maturity. Since the pampas grass has been removed there is now room for additional planting in that area to consider. .
Taken this morning... Wed 16 Jan:


Monday, January 14, 2013

D-Fence B-Gone.. Pictures Below

Despite the very cold drizzle... Melvin, Roger, and Billy (Pct #4) and I got after it early this morning while the back hoe was available.  Posts came out but as expected, the plastic sleeve was firmly planted within a couple of feet of concrete. They could not be reused.

After digging out remaining plants and roots, the area was smoothed and a commercial "ant killer" was spread over it.  Then six to eight inches of new good soil mix was spread along the whole area and the ant stuff was applied again.  It is not a bait, but will kill any ants in the dirt for a number of months at least.   (they are in the dirt) .  I talked with the county herbicide guy this morning who was also there.  While they do have a "soil sterilizer" it would kill anything for over a year.  I declined that. As new weeds, etc. begin to emerge we will apply a round-up kind of spray as needed.

Next step is to have the posts placed and set for the new fence.  That will happen in a few days.  They then measure and construct the picket panels and place them.  All should be complete by the middle of Feb. 

The wooden stake in the last picture marks the North East corner of the old fence.  The new one will be about 2 feet to the East, making the whole bed about 2 feet wider all along. The two plants that were left in place will be inside the new fence.  The black plastic edging was left in place. It is where the grass starts on the right side and the sprinkler heads are also along that area.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Progress

Saturday morning looked a "little iffy" in terms of weather at about 6:30 AM so we attacked the fence project at dawn.  Mr. Tim showed up shortly there after and when I took a break at 8:50 we had made really good progress so I snapped a few pictures.   Getting the roses away from the posts so we could unscrew the brackets was the really nasty work.  The panels came off without additional damage.  But we found the white "sleeve" that covers the 4x4 wood posts would not come off.  I had expected them slip off but found they extended down into the concrete.  On Monday morning the park guys will be there to help pull the posts and dig up the soil with their back hoe

As always, many thanks to those of you who came and did so much work. A special thanks to grandkids Aaron and Ashley who moved all of the pavers and all of the many heavy rocks. And to Cathy W who made the breakfast casserole and scones, and to Carol, Tim, Lou, and Cathy C who did much of the other heavy cutting, digging, and raking. Also to Joan, Cathleen, Janet, Loretta, Jean and husband,  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Update

We spent time in the garden again this morning.  Things look fine for a workday tomorrow at 9:00 AM when we start the process of removing the old fence.  It is not muddy so that won't be a problem.  We will have coffee and something to snack on for those who show up to help.
Main Items to Be Accomplished:
.. Remove fence panels from the posts.
.. Remove the plastic post covers from the 4x4 posts
.. (the 4x4 posts will be removed with county backhoe help on Monday morning the 14th)
.. Stack above for whomever wants them (county won't let them be stored in the park)
.. Remove desired plants in the fence area for replanting in other beds
.. Remove pavers from the two beds along the fence and stack in Storage Shed
.. Remove rocks along rose bed area and stack in Storage Shed
.. Big grasses cut back as does the butterfly vine
.. Butterfly weed plants cut back.
.. Rake and bag leaves and clippings
.. NGC "Bed Owners" may have other things they want to do with their beds

Those planning to help:  bring gloves, trowel,  and clippers.  We will have three rakes and three shovels and tools for fence removal. 

There have been some on-going questions about the old fence disposal.  As published and answered several times in the past several months... the Norchester Garden Club is responsible for fence disposal.  The county does not want it just left there due to vandals and liability for kids messing with it.  So the panels need to be taken away.  Plan now is to have them done Saturday morning, Jan. 12.  The same is true for the posts.  The plan is they will be "pulled" out Monday morning Jan 14. 

At this time it is not yet clear who will pick up the panels or the posts or when.  We have no ability to deliver them anywhere once removed.  I assume the county is willing to haul either or both to the dump if they are not otherwise removed.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 11 Work Day Update

Feels like Spring today!  I am watching the weather and will update a posting Friday, the 11th about the Matzke Park Butterfly Garden Work Day.  I am hoping the rain will hold off until Saturday night and will post what tools (and boots) to bring. The fencing really needs to be taken out so the new fencing can be installed.  More later