Monday, October 29, 2012

Comments on Watering

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I stopped by the garden this morning with a compressor to refill the tires on the garden cart.  The garden really looks quite nice except for a few of the plants.  The issue is water.   Pictures below.

The garden has a sprinkler system on a timer that was installed to water the three main raised beds.  Since then, I have added on to the lines three times as new beds and the roses were added.  The system does a very good job  ...  where it is able to reach.  As plantings and things change, there are always a few areas that need hand watering.   In particular... the north end of the roses, the east side of the fence, and the south end where the two crape myrtles are.  These areas must be watered with the hoses.

Now the hoses are in very poor shape.  But they work.  Whenever I have replaced the hoses with "good" ones, they "walk off."   No one bothers stealing these hoses.  And, earlier this summer, we were having a real problem with kids running the water and then leaving it on... flooding the garden area and path.  Although the Pct 4 guys have been very patient with this, I finally removed the handles and "hid" them.. one still remains.  It is under the metal dog water dish on the south end.

Yet, in the last week, there have been two more cases of running water anyway.  I talked with the park guy this morning and we decided that I'll find new handles and re-install them and we will just take our chances.  At least people might water the needy plants or turn it off when left running.

  Nice new bedding plants ... these among the roses on the west side of the fence.   These guys look great. 

Although close by... this guy doesn't.  The sprinklers do not reach up over the top of the pot.
These bedding plants are on the north end of the roses and the sprinklers do not quite get to them .  In this picture the difference in color is not a shadow.. On the right, it has been watered by the sprinklers in the previous hour.  On the left.. the plants are dying.          

Another issue to watch out for... in some places we have a rather fine, red mulch.  While fine for keeping weeds down this stuff does not hold water and for sure, does not hold the root ball of a new plant to which this poor guy can attest.                            

The following are plants on the west (soccer field) side of the fence.. These areas have no sprinklers that get to them.  The hose will reach these areas.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shout Out to the Lovely Children's Program Ladies

The general public ( 30+) kiddo's experienced the wonder of "Catherine The Catapiller" this morning at Matzke Butterfly Garden.  The garden is loaded with butterflies and beautiful flowers, the perfect time of year to enjoy.  The Norchester Garden Club Garden Committee has done a wonderful job in maintenance.  Thank you Meda, Kathy, Kathleen and her friend, Loretta and Joan.  Especially Joan who provides the wonderful handouts to the children.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Workday Friday Oct. 19th at 8:30 a.m.

With the Butterfly Event on Saturday Oct. 20th we want to spruce up Matzke Butterfly Garden a bit.  A workday is planned for Friday Oct. 19th at 8:30 a.m.  Some planting, some weeding and some general dead heading to be done.