Monday, January 14, 2013

D-Fence B-Gone.. Pictures Below

Despite the very cold drizzle... Melvin, Roger, and Billy (Pct #4) and I got after it early this morning while the back hoe was available.  Posts came out but as expected, the plastic sleeve was firmly planted within a couple of feet of concrete. They could not be reused.

After digging out remaining plants and roots, the area was smoothed and a commercial "ant killer" was spread over it.  Then six to eight inches of new good soil mix was spread along the whole area and the ant stuff was applied again.  It is not a bait, but will kill any ants in the dirt for a number of months at least.   (they are in the dirt) .  I talked with the county herbicide guy this morning who was also there.  While they do have a "soil sterilizer" it would kill anything for over a year.  I declined that. As new weeds, etc. begin to emerge we will apply a round-up kind of spray as needed.

Next step is to have the posts placed and set for the new fence.  That will happen in a few days.  They then measure and construct the picket panels and place them.  All should be complete by the middle of Feb. 

The wooden stake in the last picture marks the North East corner of the old fence.  The new one will be about 2 feet to the East, making the whole bed about 2 feet wider all along. The two plants that were left in place will be inside the new fence.  The black plastic edging was left in place. It is where the grass starts on the right side and the sprinkler heads are also along that area.

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Anonymous said...

Looks good. Can't wait to see the new fence.