Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring is Near

Well, that was a short winter.  One of the many blessings of living in Houston.  Another, is the many fine flowers and plants one can enjoy in the yard.

There was no Norchester Garden Club Horticulture report in January but this month's offering addresses the subject of vines.  You can see the report at   A reminder with regard to these reports.. The menu for this and all past reports may be found by

Doing so will open a "view" (like a picture) of the report.  That is fine for a quick look, but a better choice is to download it and/or print it out. 

Back to Vines... this attractive blossom is found on the Passion Flower Vine... in addition to its beauty, it attracts butterflies.  It is the host plant for the Gulf Fritillary which is quite common in our area. 

Yes, but vines require something to climb upon.  If you have many feet of boring wood fences like we do, here is an inexpensive and simple way to provide a trellis. 

This little guy is just getting started.  It won't be long before he covers the trellis and the wood strips will weather to be almost invisible. 

Two pieces of 2x2 wood, three feet long and some 3 foot wide green wire fence from Lowes or the Home Depot.  Some small staples hammered in to fasten the wire and a few screws to hold it to your back fence.