Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Going Up

Another cold morning but new fence posts going up and the fencing sections may be installed next week.  Thanks again to our generous ABCS donor.  Once the new fencing is in, we will put the remaining soil in place. We will post the date here  when we know.  Anyone wanting some shovel, rake, and wheelbarrow exercise will be welcome to join us.
The new area is about 2 feet wider than before.  Some thoughts and recommendations on any new plantings you are considering... the following were removed on Saturday and Carol is nursing them back to health. All will be available:
2 lantana,  1 turks cap, 2 small bushes of unknown origin, 1 or 2 passion vines (not sure on this as there are not any leaves on the stems), 2 cascade rosees.

Carol also has 2 Cherry Barbados that have a fragrant pink flower and berries birds love. These shrubs keep their leaves all year.  The wax myrtle and turks cap remain and will now be inside the fencing.
Please keep in mind that any tall plants (shrubs) need to be planted to the back of the bed near the new fence so as TO NOT BLOCK any sprinklers. Allow for expanding width and height at maturity. Since the pampas grass has been removed there is now room for additional planting in that area to consider. .
Taken this morning... Wed 16 Jan:


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