Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Latest Visitor

Not much doing for flowers and gardens at the Matzke Park these days.  But on my 7:15 AM morning walk around the path this morning... this guy was perched on the fence on the north side where it goes along Grant Rd.  He seemed "frozen" and oblivious to anyone passing by and he was still there in the same position when I left about 8:30 AM. 

And when we drove by about 10:30 AM.. HE WAS STILL THERE and hadn't moved.

I have seen this animal before at the park.  One time "playing dead" right next to the path.  Again, he/she was there the whole time I was walking.  You can see what that looks like HERE if you click on the link and scroll down a bit.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Amazing Flowers

We have had a surprising number of below freezing nights in the past several weeks.   Last night was another... with a low in our back yard of 31.1 degrees.   These two Hibiscus were picked this afternoon.  And their siblings, still on the plants, look just as fine.