Friday, January 13, 2012

Beautiful Days

Most of this week was clear and warm.  On Wed the 11th, We got this picture of sunbathers as we walked through Mercer Arboretum. I counted about 25 of them.

Today was a cold but beautiful garden workday morning and all the garden beds got a new blanket of mulch for the winter.  Despite the significant efforts two weeks ago, the beds had to have leaves raked before spreading the fine pine mulch.  As usual, our many thanks go to Dennis Johnston of Pct. #4 for providing our mulch.  And the “Helper of the Week” award goes to Rich, who worked the wheel barrow full time keeping us supplied with the mulch. Chuck appreciated this addition of horsepower for tasks that usually fall to him.  Thanks to Janet, Cathy and Joan for their continued dedication and support - you are the greatest! Here are the results

Remember our scheduled morning workdays in the garden are the 2nd Friday of each month.