Friday, April 19, 2013

Standing and Munching in the Cold

Friday turned out to be a beautiful spring day. But it started out very cold and windy for the good ladies of Norchester Garden Club who, once again, presented their Children’s Program to local “day-schoolers” from 9:00 to noon or so.   Some of the scheduled classes left them standing in the wind and didn’t even show up.  But the monarch larva did.   It is always amazing to see a pin-head sized egg on a milk weed leaf turn into the very tiny larva..  And within a few days, the larva has greatly increased in size; leaving the milk weed plants as stripped twigs.  Such is the way of nature.  
With luck, the weather will be much nicer for the ladies and the larva on Friday April 26 when the next programs are scheduled.


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