Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From Behind the Fence

One of our most faithful friends of Matzke Park shared this with us very reciently.  It follows below as written....

April 15,2012
Observations from Behind the Wrought Iron Fence
                                                                Two Spring Weekends in April, 2013.

While planting long rows of society garlic on the soccer side of the fence I had a wonderful opportunity to observe the various activities at Matzke Park. I was there for about four hours each day.
·         Easter Sunday moms hiding plastic Easter eggs in the flower beds in the butterfly garden.
·         Lots of family photo taking with the flowers as background.
·         A little girl with her butterfly cage who came to the garden to let her butterflies fly away.
·         A five year old girl telling her younger brother not to pick the flowers because the butterflies eat the flowers.
·         Two elderly ladies from the assisted living apartments opposite Cy Fair High School who said they come daily just to sit on one of the benches for a couple of hours.
·         Many, many children on the playground equipment then taking a rest break to sit on the edge of flower beds or in the Bennett Gazebo.
·         Ten boys ranging in age from seven to about twelve having a pickup game of football with no parent or coach telling them what to do.
·         Three little girls on their razor boards flying on the trail.
·         Little kids driving their battery powered jeeps on the expanse of grass.
·         Families bringing their own folding picnic tables and chairs and coolers full of food to share with friends under the shade of the small trees.
·         A dad watching his teen age daughter practicing cartwheels in order to try out for the drill team at Cy Ridge High School.
·         A dad with his four year old son practicing batting from a T ball stand.

For those of us who have backyards perhaps we fail to appreciate what the park means to many people. Listen to the many languages spoken there on a weekend in the spring.

For those of you who supported saving the land from commercial development a big Thank You.

For those of you new to our area please continue to enjoy and respect this Precinct 4 Harris County Park.

Visit the park . It is a great place to people watch..
Wow.. was that great or what ??   And speaking of back yards... here is a picture of one of the harder working flowers in ours;  taken last week..
A "Katrina Rose".. .also called a Peggy Martin on our back fence. You can read about the Katrina Rose by clicking here.

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Catherine said...

The park is a wonderful place for the community. Thank you for all your hard work! Perfect sentiments.