Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Angels at Work (Updated with An Addition)

The Pct#4 Park “Woodland Angels” (Melvin and Billy, I think Roger was off) were hard at work in Matzke Park yesterday planting 12 Azalea plants. These were purchased at the March Mart plant sale a week ago at Mercer Arboretum and donated to Matzke Park by ABCS.  They now surround the monument describing the history of the park.  And they still really looked nice this morning, despite the 2 inches of rain we had in the area last night. Also visible is one of the newly planted trees.  There will be more to come as native tree planting for Matzke Park is a next focus area for ABCS.  Stop by and enjoy the new plantings, as well as the Butterfly Garden which is looking very nice as well.  


This just in... The Cypress Creek Greenway would be a continuous trail and park system located along Cypress Creek. It would extend nearly 40 miles from Spring Creek, north of Bush Intercontinental Airport, to west of U.S. Highway 290, providing new opportunities to walk, run, and bike.

You have the ability to influence the develpment of the Cypress Creek Greenway project.  This is a great idea that would benefit our Matzke Park and any who like the outdoors.  Just CLICK HERE to open the link to a good discription of the project and a map of it.  You can then take a brief survey... no need to give your name or email.

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