Friday, April 26, 2013

Not Just Little Kids

This was another morning of learning events for day school children led by ladies from Norchester Garden Club.  For this group, the story of Catherine the Caterpillar is being read while one of the teachers listens in. 

And here, on a very real poppy plant, perches a very plastic butterfly.  It is one of the items hidden for the children to find for their garden scavenger hunt.   

Thanks again, Ladies.

And, as was so well documented in the April 16 post of this blog, From Behind the Fence (archives on the right) it is not just the very young that enjoy this beautiful park. While the sessions were going on for the children this morning, two buses pulled up which discharged a gaggle of seniors with walkers who enjoyed the morning at the picnic tables .  Nope... not just the young kids enjoy the park and garden.

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