Thursday, May 31, 2012

Away from OUR garden but not ALL Gardens

This busy gardener spent the day at Monticello, Jefferson's home in Virginia.  What a treat to visit the 1000 feet of his "vegetable garden"; he tried some 30 kinds of peas alone!  Jefferson recorded the temperature every day from age 22 to 83 and his records include much of the plants, trees, vines, and his inventions (which are impressive).  The garden tour was lead by a very knowledgeable person, giving us Jefferson's planting background, leaves, fruit, roots.  Water did not come to Monticello until 1960.  Jefferson had constructed 4 cisterns holding 3600 gallons of water from roof run off.  Of course, he did not do most of the work but that is another story!  Anyway it is mind boggling the garden stuff Jefferson did attempt and was able to accomplish. I am now off to work my own!  Back to Matzke Park real soon.

Here are three of a number of pictures we took.

Temperatures in mid-Virginia have been in the high 80's during the day, but cooling off into the mid 60's in the evening, thankfully.

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