Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lots of Stuff Today

Three Things   worth covering in today's post, with current pictures as usual.

Here's #1... Hard to say       what is nicer looking in today's pictures in the garden:
 Our two remaining Knock Out Roses

                                     Our beautiful Cassia tree
Or the southern of our two nice
Vitex trees.

Here is Item #2.   Water, Water, Water... Issues with our Water

I believe the automatic irrigation/sprinkler system is back to normal.  The controller has been replaced, as has a bad valve that kept some spots constantly wet.  So most of the time, it keeps things reasonably moist even in the dry periods.  However,  it doesn't cover everything.  It is not the Park Staff;s responsibility to do anything except mow.  And so Luv2Plant and/or Helper #1 try to get to the garden every couple of days or so to water some of the things by hand.   This shows the main area that needs help from all of us.  The two Vitex trees and the small Kumquat bush that are planted by themselves do not get hit with the sprinkler system.  Nor does this area at the south end of the garden.  The Crape Myrtles and around the corner to the Canna Lily does not get watered and the area inside the fence within this corner needs help too. The Passion Vine and some Butterfly Weed are in this area.  So please help out with some hand watering as you can.

Here is Item #3...    It is just a bit harder to do that then it was before.  The hoses are in crummy shape (otherwise they walk off) but work ok if not kinked.  But the park guys have been having trouble with kids using the hoses to fill water balloons, make a general mess, etc...   So today I removed the handles from the faucets.   But I "hid" them in an easy place so you can still help out with hand watering.  This is the north end.  The hose is in use by the Park staff to water trees.  They usually hang it back up, but if not, just ask.  See the big rock by the post?  The handle for this end is under it.

And for the south end the handle is just under the front edge of the dog dish which is bolted to the post.

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