Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Helpful Reminder

Image result for brain picturesCertainly most readers of our blog forget very little of what they read here.  However, there may be a few of us who need to "prod the mind" just a bit at times.  Perhaps these are some useful reminders.... about the features of this Norchester Garden Club - ABCS blog.

The blog posts display differently on a laptop or desktop than they do on a tablet or cell phone.  Some of the features do not show up the same or at all. And each kind of computer or tablet may also display things differently..  The following assumes one is using a computer but many tablets will offer the same features. 

Email notice of what is posted here.  Add your email to the box in the right hand column of a post and whenever a new one is added, you will get an email version of it.

Also along the right hand side of a post is a list of "Archives".  The blog has been posted over 180 times since the first one in Feb of 2011.  The first post was a brief history of the Butterfly Garden and the second a brief history of Matzke Park.   Another useful past post is October 29, 2015.  Here I describe how you can support the butterfly garden by signing up with Kroger or Randalls or both. As of April 2016 there are still only 12 families signed up.  Surely we can do better than that. Even so, the check for the last three months was for $59.84 and it all goes to the Garden through the Garden Club. 

One can click on a year or month and see just what was posted. There is a lot of interesting information in the past posts saved in the Archives. 

Also along the right hand column is a list of "Links we Like".. these take you to other web sites that have garden-related information that seemed worth noting.

At the top of the "Links" list is the link to a menu of all the "mostly monthly" Horticulture Reports of the Norchester Garden Club for the past few years.  Just click on it and the menu opens up showing the year, month, and content for each report and  each has a link you can just click to open the report right up.  Now.. what you see when you do this is a "view" of the report file.  You can zoom it out to make it easier to read, you can print it, and you can download it to your own computer if you like. You can't change it and you can't hurt anything playing around with it. Usually at the top of the screen you will have words or small icons for print, save, download, etc... 

The "Comments" option is found at the end of each blog... although hardly anyone ever leaves one.  If you see "No Comments" after earlier blogs, just click on it and leave one.. you can do it anonymously if you choose. If you found any of this post useful... please leave a comment so I know someone reads this stuff. And click the "I am not a robot" box so your comment will be posted. 

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