Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Third on Quilt Gardens

Although a couple of these pictures are also on my web album link described in yesterday's blog, our Master Gardner thought it would be good to post this additional information on the Quilt Gardens.  This is the "flower quilt square" at the Menino-Hof Community near Shipshewana, IN, just one of the many locations that feature a contribution to this county-wide project.

The number of flowers used to create one is quite amazing. The flowers for the projects come from the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  A location or business that wants to be a part is able to choose the kinds of flowers they want and they then determine the pattern and thus the number of each variety that is required.  They are then given the flowers and do their own thing.

In Houston, a flat of 18 flowers is typically about $25.00.  So for this one display alone the flower cost would be about $6,600.  There are 19 such displays around the county  =  $125,400 not counting advertising and handouts. This is the sixth season for the project among seven communities.

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