Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Am Not Happy

No.. I am not, and you will soon see why.

It is time, once again to register your Kroger Plus card with the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  You may remember that this needs to be done each year.  Kroger then apportions the funds they give to registered charities based upon the sales associated with your registered card. Once a year ABCS gets a check which is used to support the garden. We have used this program for many years to provide modest funds in support of the Butterfly Garden.

Unfortunately... Kroger has not made it so easy this year. The Butterfly Garden now has a new charity number (as do all others) and instead of just having the grocery clerk "swipe" your card and giving them the number... you MUST NOW DO THIS ON LINE.  If you have previously signed up on-line with Kroger to get their weekly email coupons, etc... the process is not bad at all. If not, you have to sign up for an on-line account first and then provide our number to make the link.  

If you try to do it at the store.. neither the checkout people or the customer service people have any clue what you are talking about.  (I know, I tried).  It now has to be done on line.

The trouble is worth it but is a bit of a hassle.  You do derive the additional benefit of getting weekly emails of Kroger specials and coupons, however...   So if you are willing.. 

Here's How:

1.  Go to This Link   which is
2.  Sign in if you already have an on-line account.. if not.. click on Sign Up Today in the "New Customer?" box and follow the steps to provide zip code, favorite store, email address etc..
3.  You will then get an email message and click on the link provided in it to finalize this process.
4.  Click on "My Account" and use your email address and the password you provided in #2 to open up your account.

Somewhere in all this process you provide your Kroger Plus Card number. If you use you telephone number at Krogers instead of your card, you can call  1-866-221-4141 to get your card number

Then you can provide the Garden's New Kroger number which is  82607  and all is well.

Or... you can forget the whole deal and just find a way to support the garden

OK.. so I am unhappy with Kroger... but..  for those of you who may shop at Randalls (Safeway, Tom Thumb)  ABCS is still registered with their similar Good Neighbor program and it is only a one time signup at a store.  It automatically renews each year. Just provide their customer service desk with this number for our garden:   1969  and the garden does benefit even more than from Kroger.

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