Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Janet (Norchester's Garden Club Matzke Butterfly Garden Director) Reports
that is it's HOT --if you can spare a bit of time, stop by the garden and pull a few weeds. It will only get worse as the summer and fall wear on.
The good news is that we have hired a young college student who is going to
help us this summer.  His name is Jaylynn.

The Parsley Hawthorn tree is planted.

The water is turned off as we have another broken sprinkler head in the button bush bed. We have a plan to fix this and future breakage of the water system.
Thank goodness we have had rain this week.
ABCS reports that the Kroger monies for last quarter are $78.04.  This money is specifically directed to maintenance of Matzke Park Butterfly Garden.  Thanks are due to those who have directed their Kroger reward card monies to ABCS. Don't forget to "re-enroll" your card beginning Aug 1.  This needs to be done each year by logging on to your Kroger on-line account.  The Park Garden's charity ID number for Kroger remains 82607. You can re-enroll at https://www.kroger.com/account/enrollCommunityRewardsNow  If you haven't linked you card to the garden's account you can also sign up at the above link. 

Keep an eye out at Norchester's 4th of July parade for the second year in a row the lovely ladies of Norchester's Garden Club will be in the parade.

Don't forget to check our blog for information regarding the Norchester Garden Club's Photo contest for pre-school and school children.  Guidelines are listed in our last post.

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