Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Program for Children's Groups

One of the on-going projects of the Norchester Garden Club supports our purpose to develop, maintain, and promote the Matzke Park Butterfly Garden. The Children's Program was created to provide a no-charge, hands-on learning opportunity for young children's groups such as: school children, day care children, and children with special needs..  As a registered Monarch Butterfly site and staffed with our volunteers from Norchester Garden Club, children will be able to walk or wheelchair through the garden, listen to a story on the Monarch's life cycle, participate in a scavenger hunt of butterfly life stages and learn to be a good steward of the garden.

 Listen to a story of "Catherine the Caterpillar" (life cycle of Monarch Butterfly).

Available Dates are:  
April 21  9 a m
May 6     9 a m
May 6     11 a m

Please contact Joan at 281-469-3173 for more information and scheduling a time for your group.

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