Saturday, September 5, 2015

Garden Helpers

The Norchester Garden Club ladies have been hard at work in the Butterfly Garden on several work days in the past few weeks.  With our rains, the garden quickly can become somewhat overgrown and weeds are a constant challenge

Thinning helps the looks as well as the health of the plants.

 We pile 'em up.. the Park guys haul'em off.

 For a task like this it is always nice to have some help.  Do you recognize these helpers ?

The September Horticulture Report has now been published, and these tools as well as others are featured.  You can view, print, or download the two page report by clicking HERE  It connects to a PDF file in DropBox.  Ignore any message to join, sign in, or to create an account.  None of that is required. Just give it a bit of time to download.  

Also.. under the "Useful Links We Like" section on the right side of this blog you can find the menu for past monthly reports.

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