Sunday, February 1, 2015

Signs of Spring

Feb 1 and it is 72 degrees outside. Of course we could get another freeze but let's hope not.  

Things are starting to brighten out there.

Here is the bed of our poppies that have come up from a few handfuls of seeds, gathered last summer. There are a few other wildflowers mixed in with the small white blossoms that are showing already.
What goes around, comes around. This is what this bed looked like in on the 10th of March last year

And for those that are more delicate, one can always start from seed indoors.

Here is a link to the latest Norchester Garden Club Horticulture Report which offers some tips on starting from seed.   CLICK HERE  Just give it a bit of time to load. 

Past Horticulture Reports are available as well .. see   "Useful Links We Like" in the column to the right of this garden blog.

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