Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kroger Signup Reminder

In case you haven't done it... this is a reminder to link your Kroger Rewards card to ABCS.  This must be done each year.  Both Kroger and Randalls provide very modest funds to ABCS each year related to the purchases made by customers who have linked their rewards cards to our ABCS organization.  All of these funds are used for Matzke Park.

Signing up with Kroger also gives you weekly emails with Kroger Special coupons, etc.  On this site you can designate ABCS as your Community Rewards organization.

Randalls (Safeway, Tom Thumb)  ABCS is still registered with their Good Neighbor program and it is only a one time signup for you at a store.  It automatically renews each year.  Just provide their customer service desk with this number:  1969   This is the Randalls number for our organization.   

Kroger's program is similar but you must "re-link" your card each year starting in August and you must have registered for a Kroger online account. To register our charity with Kroger:

1.  Click HERE which is  www.krogercommunityrewards.com
2.  Sign in if you already have an on-line account.. and click on Community Rewards to provide our number 82607.  

If needed, click on Create an Account.  This will also sign you up for online coupons, etc. I believe. You will need to provide your card number.. if you don’t have it call Kroger at:  1-866-221-4141.

3.  Once your Account is established sign in and click on Community Rewards to provide the ABCS charity number for Kroger which is:  82607

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