Monday, October 21, 2013

One for your Bonnet ?

Bees.   Yes, we all know that bees are important to our gardens and many other crops. But who knew?  Bees that don't sting?  Bees that don't live in a hive?  Bees that look more like flies? Bees that produce neither honey nor beeswax ???  Well, Mason Bees can be described by all of these qualities.

Our Master Gardner has become rather interested in Mason Bees.  These little guys are great pollinators and live in small tubes or tunnels that other insects have hollowed out of dead trees. Well, that is when woodpeckers and squirrels don't get them. 

There are some very decorative "boxes" one can build or buy for these bees to live in.  Place it on the south side of a tree or house as they need the warmth from the sun to be able to fly.

Google "Mason Bees" for some interesting reading and surprise your friends with some "Entomological Wisdom." 

Here is some information on a documentary about bees that is soon to be available at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
It is 91 minutes with show times on Wed, Oct 23 at 6:30 pm and Sun Oct 27 at 5 pm.  See THIS LINK for details.. I believe there is a discussion period following the talk.

And if you are a fan of TED Talks... HERE IS a link that is in keeping with the theme of this post. As of today it has had over 414 thousand views since it was posted last month.

"Bee Good and Bee Well"

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