Saturday, July 13, 2013

Despite the Heat

 Despite the heat, given some attention and water, nice things still grow. Here are some pictures I took a few days ago in our back yard:

And here is what our BB Tomato plant looks like growing in its container on the patio. It was purchased at Mercer Arboretum’s March Mart just a few months ago in a 4 inch pot. They will be selling them again next year if you want to plan ahead. Note the penny in the picture for some scale.  

And finally… when you get too hot caring for your plants... move inside. 

Here is a really nice option for anyone from 3 to 93… It has very nice pictures of butterflies on the Bingo cards and is an enjoyable game for anyone.  Our Master Gardner found this at the gift shop at Mercer Arboretum






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