Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Helpers Needed

This won't take long and these short events are always a good time.  Check your calendars because volunteers are needed for the fifteen sessions of the Children’s Educational Programs at the butterfly garden. There are some tentative volunteers who have signed up to help out but they had to check their calendars.

Day Care Schools have committed to April 18,19,26,29,30, fillling both the 10 & 11 AM time slots. On April 18, 9 AM is scheduled full as well.
Needed are 2 persons per each of these time slots. Schools are required to have one teacher per 7 kids so you won't be alone. Five schools have committed to coming; about 230 kids total so far. Depending on the school, kids range in age from 4-7 years.

Volunteers are needed to help with the crafts and the walk through the garden beds looking for caterpillars (we have hidden some fake ones). We give them some pictures of the plants on Popsicle sticks and ask them to find the plants and return the Popsicle stick to us.   Then we accompany the kids to the picnic tables under the awning by the parking lot where they will color half a coffee filter which we spray with starch and pinch into a clothes pin.

There are no rain dates. The supplies are in place. The kids are signed up. Your kind assistance is needed and appreciated. Please contact Joan.


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