Saturday, September 8, 2012

Work Day - Thurs 13th - 8:30 AM

Hoping for a cool down in the weather?  Got to do the work anyway and plant Mamie's seeds including Larkspur, Milkweed, Poppy, Rock Rose Pavonia and Texas Bluebonnet's.  These will go go in the bed with the bird bath and should provide a nice spring array of blooms.  Yes, I will scarify the Bluebonnet seeds.
The vines are back from the August workday and will need to be removed.  Lots of dead heading on crepe myrtles and vitex. Pruners and gloves will be needed.
Please remember to sign up at Kroger and Randall's with their reward programs.  These monies help to provide continuing support of the Butterfly Garden. Randall's is a one-time sign up. Just provide their service desk with our charity number:  # 1969

The Kroger program needs to be "renewed" beginning each June.  Have checkout  or service desk scan this bar code or ask them to enter our number:    #  1 00000 82607

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