Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Tough Morning

We are most grateful for the faithful support of Cathy C, and Joan as we spent this morning on on vine removal and trimming the overgrown plants.  This is hot nasty work, requiring tugging, pulling, and grubbing amongst the roses and the overgrowth.  The milkweed is covered with white flies due to the lack of air circulation.  Thankfully, Pct 4 staff Roger and Dustin  helped remove the piles of cuttings we created.  Thank you guys!  
Please note the picture of the 2 1/2 inch spider that was resting under the Betty Gonzales Roses.  He may not be poisonous but his bite will certainly hurt.  So gloves are good and always look before you put your hands into the beds. 
Some contrasting pictures, starting with what a nicely maintained garden area looks like. This was taken on Saturday at Mercer Arboretum.  Things are beautiful there.  It is worth the trip.

And these are before/after from this morning's work.  Things are starting to look reasonable again. July 31 is not an ideal date for this kind of work but it badly "needed doing"

Maintenance and the lack of volunteers willing to do it continues to be a significant issue.  In other words your help, short or long term,  time or money, is needed to keep this public garden going.  If you would like to receive emails regarding work days, have questions or comments,  please email...    ABCS.Park@att.net

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Cathy Walker said...

Thank you for all your hard work. It looks beautiful.