Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Children's Programs Today

 Today was the second of a number scheduled for this spring with more the fall. The Norchester Garden Club ladies teach and entertain local Day Care Children about the garden with stories of "Catherine the Caterpillar" and butterfly crafts.     What beautiful days to enjoy the garden!  These pictures were taken today.  I hope you will come out as the garden is in full bloom.  Our next work day will be May 11th as "garden maintenance" is a continuing process.    

Two of the "Knock Out" roses are on their death bed and will be removed in the fall in order NOT to leave space next to the fence. They will not be attractive but will tend to prevent the Blyel kids from jumping over (read "breaking") the fence.  The fencing is residential grade and probably won't last for too many more years.  Any contributions to the garden are used only for ongoing maintenance and planting materials. For information on how you can help contact    matzke.garden@sbcglobal.net


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