Saturday, March 3, 2012

Romance in the Garden ?

Well, maybe romance for some at times, but when the task is grubbing out the weeds under the roses and fence.. not so much.  This morning was cool, however, so we "got right to it."... the weeding, that is.

   After four years, we have lost most of the Knock Out roses.  It is obvious now that we have pruned out the dead stuff.  Something besides the drought killed all but two.  Originally, we had alternate plantings of the climbers and the Knock Outs and they were solid along the fence... Now we have obvious gaps, but they will fill in if we can keep the fence up now that it is less protected.

Also after 4 years, our irrigation timer failed sometime in the last few days so we will look into a replacement off the internet.  Some hand watering may be needed over the next few weeks if you happen to be visiting the garden.

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