Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dec 9 Workday and See the Newsletter

Our next Matzke Butterfly Garden Work Day will be Friday, December 9th, at 8:30 a.m.  This glorious weather allows the monarchs to continue their life cycle. Drop by the garden and have a look.

Looks like we will have cool weather on the 9th.   The Monarchs are out and about when the day warms up, but not nearly the usual number.The garden is looking pretty good and will need only minor trimming and pruning.  Chuck will be doing fence repairs as we have two panels broken where they attach, and one that was on the ground yesterday when he checked. 

We will need clippers, gloves, trowels,  knee pads, or garden stool.  

The Houston Federation of Garden Clubs has a wonderful newsletter with good information and great pictures.  They featured our Children's Program Butterfly Program in their 16 page December issue, beginning on page 6 or 7.  It includes nice pictures of our garden and several of the children’s programs.  The link to it may be found by clicking HERE 

We are thankful for your support and help this past year and look forward to 2012

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